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Soho in Connecticut

about soho

Walk through its spacious lobby area, past its expansive crescent-shaped reception desk and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported somewhere between Houston and Canal. Soho’s exposed brick walls – reminiscent of the building’s history as a nut and bolt factory – are accented exquisitely by its smooth contours and graceful flow. Soho features five executive-size private offices, its own state-of-the-art conference room, a spacious private reception area and an open conference pod. Combine this with Soho’s magnificent office loft/apartment suite with a spacious outdoor deck and you’ll have over 12,000 square feet of quality work area. This is the type of space professional service firms dream of.

Rome in Connecticut

About Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your business can occupy it within thirty. Continuing with the building's stylized blend of exposed brick, smooth contours, natural light and wooden floors, Rome offers businesses 4200 square of feet of flexible, airy space – for a professional services firm, a design studio, or even a personal training center or fitness boutique – and can be moved into almost immediately.

Beautiful Interiors

about amsterdam

An exquisite loft accessed through a shared lobby, Amsterdam can provide your business with state-of-the-art space overlooking a pastoral panorama of central Connecticut. Easily commutable from three major interstates, this is the type of space where your employees can thrive.

Northern Lighting

about paris

A perfect space for a design studio, an architect’s office, or any business where intellectual capital needs to be nurtured and grown, Paris provides the type of environment that will inspire your employees to take your business to another level. Paris can be yours in sixty days.

Old World Charm

about florence

Emblematic of its name, Florence is a space for artisans. Whether your craft is artistic, financial, technical or professional, this is an environment where creativity can flow. The space can be yours – adapted to your specific needs – within sixty days.

Warm Interiors

about london

Northern light beams in through London’s grand skylights, providing your business with a bright, airy space that will make for a stellar work environment. It can be yours in sixty days.

about prague

Industrial strength and ruggedness: meet contemporary style and grace. This expansive space is easily adaptable to virtually any type of business – professional services, art and design, technology, healthcare, light manufacturing or a myriad of others. More than just office space, Prague could be molded into a long term home for your business. Available within six months.

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